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Perimeter Security Solutions

Designed to secure especially sensitive areas from unauthorised access, our range of perimeter security products offer a solution for every requirement. The resistance of our High-Security road blockers and bollards was verified in real crash tests and then certified to international standards.


Deter Crime

provide detection and deterrence, alerting the business and emergency services to potential security threats.

Damage Prevention

Delaying and preventing any loss or damage due to burglaries or other criminal acts.

Perimeter Protection

Protects sensitive buildings and areas from approaching vehicles, reducing the impact of any act of attacks.

Perimeter security solutions

"Gunnebo is a global leader in security solutions, offering innovative products and services to control the flow of people and to protect valuables from burglary, fire and explosion. Gunnebo is owned by Altor and Stena Adactum. Through Business Units Entrance Control and Safe Storage, Gunnebo offers solutions to customers primarily in public transport, public and commercial buildings as well as in banking, high-end retail, and in industrial and high-risk sites in more than 100 markets around the world."
Automatic Systems
"AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS, a world leader in the automation of secure entrance control, designs and manufactures pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access systems. Automatic Systems offers solutions to all pedestrian entrances types, thanks to its wide variety of products. From the small speed gates, more discreet and elegant, to the full-height security turnstiles that can restrain sensitive perimeters."
Hörmann Group is Europe’s leading supplier of doors. Over 6000 employees work in 40 specialised factories in Europe, North America and Asia to develop and produce high-quality road blockers, bollards, doors, frames and operators, as well as storage space systems, for private and commercial use.
Delta Scientific Corporation (USA)
Delta Scientific Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle access control equipment. Delta Scientific has been engineering and manufacturing vehicle access control equipment and selling its products worldwide since 1974.
Optima provides security sector with high-quality products and services with the state-of-the-art and modern engineering applications
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