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MyQ Software

Save time with personalized print Solutions

Boost your digital or traditional workplace with MyQ’s secure print and scan solutions that respect your time and help you focus on what you do best.


Easy to use

Users are given the option managing their print jobs using the MyQ online. Interface, this way they, can easily cancel jobs that were sent to the printer by mistake, or are now unnecessary.


Users do not print directly to a specific printer. Instead, they send their print jobs to a shared queue. The job remains stored until the user logs in to one of the printers, allowing for flexibility in case a printer is unavailable or in use by another user.


All administration is made through on online interface.Installation of new devices on the network is automatic.The IT Administrator can see the status of all devices on the network thanks to the integrated service module.

MyQ Software solutions

1 - MyQ X
"Scan, print or process docs with one click and Personalize the printer panel with Secure your print environment and Get more flexible with mobile and BYOD printing. Deploy remotely within minutes on-premise, in edge, or cloud and Manage and monitor devices, costs and create reports "
2 - MyQ Roger
Remote working is on the rise, rebuilding many traditional offices into hybrid workplaces. This new era requires modern tools, so prepare to meet your Smart Digital Workplace Assistant

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