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ABTech Displays & Screens

“Research conducted by Forbes indicates that companies using digital signage for business intelligence see a 35% increase in customer satisfaction and 32% improvement in employee productivity. This highlights the significant impact digital signage can have on various business operations.”


Increased engagement, recall & retention

Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays, and 8/10 customers claim to have entered a store simply because digital signage caught their attention.


Whatever circumstance you use digital signage for, it is sure to prove better than other advertising forms

Effectiveness and flexibility

Content Management Solution enhance digital signage effectiveness by modifying contents any time and from anywhere.

Abtech products

ABTech Indoor/Outdoor, Floor Stand/Wall Mount Screen
Metal case, Panel Brand: LG, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness: 350 nits, Windows 10 CPU: i3, RAM: 8GB / ROM: 128GB
ABTech KIOSK Floor Stand
Metal case with aluminum frame, Capacitive Touch, Ratio: 16:9,Brightness: 350 nits, Windows
ABTech customize digital signage screen
All kind of screens can be customized according to customer’s specific needs
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