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Entrance Control

State-of-the-art Entrance Control products!

Our range of entry control products is designed to create a safe environment and to regulate the traffic in building entrances, including lobbies, stores, entertainment areas, and industrial sites. They cater to both general access needs and high-security requirements of places like airports, embassies, nuclear power plants, and prisons.


Flow Control

Regulate and control the flow of people to, from and around the premises.

Speed and Safety

Ensures speed and safety throughout the entrance process in venues like airports and stations.

Various Designs

Seamless designs that suits different needs for various type of locations from airports to office buildings

Entrance control Products

Gunnebo SpeedGates
Offers a secure and efficient entry to your building, maintaining a sleek and harmonious appearance. Choose from bi-parting panels, swing doors, or sliding doors.
Gunnebo Tripod Turnstiles
Gunnebo tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective with low power consumptions and high reliability. Suitable for internal and external use wherever there is a large and constant flow of people.
Fastlane SpeedGates
Fastlane Speedgates offer a sleek and stylish choice when you need to balance security requirements with aesthetic desires. With highly reflective surfaces of glass and steel creating a well-proportioned look that is professional and modern, they fit perfectly in visitor receptions, lift lobbies and VIP areas of some of the World's most iconic buildings.
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