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Magic Leap

Create innovative solutions for complex problems with the most immersive enterprise AR device. Whatever your industry, enhanced ergonomic design and engineering make Magic Leap 2 suitable for extended daily use. With its Industry leading Optics and Up to 70° field of view, you see more with its best-in-class image performance that brings clarity that make you see the bigger picture and scrutinize the smallest details.


True augmented reality for Enterprises

Magic Leap 2 maintains its users’ actual view of their working environment while seamlessly integrating intelligent, behaviorally realistic digital content within their field of view.

Easy to set up, scale, and manage. Customize UX and apps to suit your business needs without compromising privacy or control.

Industry-leading spatial audio deepens immersion and presence—making AR solutions and collaboration realistic and engaging.

Remote Collaboration for progressive teams

Conventional remote collaboration services promise enterprise customers that video calls, screen sharing, and specialized software can recreate localized work among a global workforce. Despite these assurances, travel budgets remain a costly line item for any enterprise.

Impactful and immersive remote collaboration solutions on Magic Leap 2 can increase productivity and reduce travel costs by creating a natural sense of proximity and presence among organizations’ regional, national, and global workforces.

Scalable, Integrative & Secure

Simplified complex tasks by integrating digital content like spatial audio cues, visual indicators, checklists, walk-through videos, and text into trainee’s real-world view of specific equipment or areas. Magic Leap 2 is purpose-built on an open platform to integrate with leading enterprise multi-device management (MDM) systems.

Store your data anywhere and use any preferred cloud setup. Magic Leap 2 lets users retain control of their data and is compatible with leading enterprise security protocols.

Magic Leap 2

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