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Saudi Arabia ZATCA Compliant Phase II ready E-Invoicing solution

Stay up-to-date on changing e-invoicing requirements effortlessly!

A unified platform offering integration management, transformation management, reconciliation management, validation & computation rules management, collaborative data qualification process management with dynamic UI, optional data reporting format management, advanced dashboard, search and more.

ZATCA/GAZT Requirements

  • Tamper-Proof with Auto-Tamper-detection.
  • Generate, Store and Archive Invoices, Credit Notes & Debit Notes electronically.
  • Sequential Invoicing with Counter for entry logging,
  • UUID with Cryptographic Stamp and Invoice Hash printed.
  • Compliant to Prohibited Functions Requirements

E-Invoicing is implemented in two phases in KSA. Phase 1 allows taxpayers to effortlessly generate, issue, and store tax invoices. While, Phase 2 combines ERP system integration, API connectivity, and a robust cloud platform.

Automated Outcomes

  • Generate
    • elnvoice-KSA XML or
    • Printable PDF/A3 with embedded XML, QR-Code and VAT Registration number
  • Automated data transfer to enReport-KSA-VAT
  • Automated Sales Ledger for input to ERP / Financial Systems
  • Custom Printable & E-Print Invoice
  • E-Delivery of Invoice

Collaboration Accounts Recievable processing

  • Create your B2B Partner Network and share documents for collaborative actions (approve, reject, comment etc.)
  • E-deliver documents to B2B Network.
  • Automated reconciliation of Invoice data.
  • Inter- and Intra-company collaborative document processing with configurable workflows.


Increase productivity & automation

Automated invoices speed approval and payment, enhancing productivity by minimizing data input time.

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Less disputes and rejected invoices

Eliminates manual invoice data input, ensuring error-free processing for quick payments without delay.

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Cut invoice processing costs

Save on printing and manual labor to streamline your accounting process.

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Effortless & Reliable e-Invoice Solution for KSA

1 - Automated Data collection
Standrize data collection and flow with 2-way integrations with automated transformations, merging and segregation of data
2 - Efficient data preparation
Unified data preparation processes for Efficient Data standardization with data coming from multiple sources.
3 - Advanced data qualification
Qualify data with validation rules, tolerance rules, conditional rules, computational rules and against reference data / 3rd party APIs.
4 - Improved & automated processes
Implement tailored prodesses cutting accros data preparers, reviewers and approvers cutting across departments and roles.
5 - Intelligent dashboarding
Deliver regulatory e-invoicing status cutting across Org and various Sub-Orgs with actionable insights from regulatory data.
6 - Change Ready & Reporting by time.
Keep up with ever-changing rules and reporting formats with innate ability to effortlesslyupdate processing applications.

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