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Checkpoint Antitheft Antennas

Experience unparalleled retail security with ABM.

Introducing our advanced Checkpoint Antitheft Antennas systems designed to protect retailers’ products. Our comprehensive range of solutions ensures your business is equipped with cutting-edge technology to combat theft and safeguard your assets.


Improved security

The system improves the security by triggering the alarm whenever the a tag attached to the products reach the sensor area, alerting the security and store staff.

Improving customer's experience

The anti-theft solution improves the customer experience by enabling retailers to provide faster and more accurate checkout processes.

Increasing retail profitability

it’s reduced losses from theft and shrinkage, retailers can increase their profit margins and reinvest these savings into their businesses.

Antitheft solutions

Security Antennas
Our EAS (Emergency Alert Systems) antennas are built on 50 years of radio frequency (RF) expertise and deep-rooted heritage in innovation. In a world where retailers have to juggle changing consumer demands with the need for greater sophistication in loss prevention techniques, no one is better placed to deliver intelligent solutions that bring clarity and efficiency into the retail environment anytime, anywhere.
Security Antennas Consumables
Our range of consumables for EAS Security Antennas offer uncompromising security for high-theft merchandise thus still being open displayed, meaning customers can still easily view product information and purchase your products from store associates, all trained to disable the security at point of purchase.
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