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Physical Security Systems

State of the Art Physical Security Systems & Solutions to Monitor, Control and Optimize Safety & Security.


High Protection

Offering the highest levels of threat resistance. Intrusion Detection and Prevention.

Efficieny and Capacity

Various range of products ensuring maximum convenience and offering storage capacity with highest protection levels.

Various Designs

Seamless designs that suits different needs for various type of locations from Airports to Office buildings to Banks, etc…

Physical Security solutions

1 - Safe Storage Solutions
Fichet Bauche Safes, Strong Room Doors , Safe Deposit Lockers and Fireproof Cabinets with burglrary resistant certifications covering medium to high-risk areas. ( Made In France )
2 - Entrance Control Solutions
Entrance Control Products such as Speed Gates, Turnstiles, Mantrap System, Full Height Turnstiles are used to regulate the traffic in building entrances and will allow access to the authorized people only.
3 - Gunnebo Safe Store Auto
Robotic Safe Deposit Locker System (Safe Store Auto) providing 24/7 uninterrupted access to the safe deposit boxes for large self-service areas on multiple floors, including basements
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