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The best digital signage software for large rollouts.

MagicINFO™ delivers a simple all-in-one platform to link your display ecosystem from anywhere. Create and deploy captivating content, gain powerful insights and flexibly manage and secure your hardware and software. MagicINFO™ elevates the power of your displays and improves business performance.


Efficient management

We provide centralized control and monitoring for managing multiple displays in various locations. Our solution enables efficiently manage and control digital signage networks from one central location.

Smarter insights faster

Enhance the power of your displays with real-time data. Ensure up-to-date information, keeping your audience engaged with live updates, trends, and insights.

Flexible management and security

Remotely manage, control and secure your displays.

MagicINFO solutions

1 - Content that captivates
Easily create and distribute dynamic content at scale on any display.
2 - Real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring with MagicINFO allows for optimal performance and ensures digital signage networks deliver intended messages by providing insights into display status, network connectivity, and potential issues.
3 - Data Security
We ensure data security for large digital signage networks through robust encryption protocols, prioritizing the confidentiality and integrity of content and user data.

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