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Retail Security Solutions

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Retail anti-theft systems are an important part of loss prevention strategies for retailers, as they help protect merchandise and reduce the risk of financial losses due to theft. They also provide a sense of security for shoppers, which can improve their overall shopping experience.


Improved Security

The system improves the security by triggering the alarm whenever the a tag attached to the products reach the sensor area, alerting the security and store staff.

Improving the Customer Experience

The anti-theft solution improves the customer experience by enabling retailers to provide faster and more accurate checkout processes.

Increasing A Retail Business Profitability

its reduced losses from theft and shrinkage, retailers can increase their profit margins and reinvest these savings into their businesses.

Retail security solutions

1 - Checkpoint Antitheft Antennas
ABM offers top-notch retail security with our advanced Checkpoint Antitheft Antennas systems. Our comprehensive solutions protect retailers' products and ensure their assets are safe from theft.
2 - RFID Solutions
Iris recognition is a method of identifying people based on unique patterns within the ring-shaped region surrounding the pupil of the eye.

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Checkpoint Antitheft

Introducing our advanced Checkpoint Antitheft Antennas systems designed to protect retailers' products.
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