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Smarter Workspace, for better experience

Do great work with ABM Workspace solutions!

smart workspace leverages technology for business growth and employee productivity, enabling individuals to focus on meaningful work and utilize their skills effectively. To accommodate different workforces, companies are replacing workstations with collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, and flexible work places.


Productivity booster

Transform your workplace into a hub of productivity and let technology handle repetitive tasks to boost team effectiveness and focus on important duties.

Better employee experience

Revamp your workplace culture to attract and retain top talent. Our smart workspaces eliminates desk hunting stress and streamlines office life.

Reduce carboon footprint

Embrace the future of work with smart solutions that can reduce carbon footprint and create a more sustainable and greener work environment.

Smart wrokspace solutions

1 - View Opening workspace
See what spaces are available live from anywhere. With various options such as an interactive wall, Reception Robot, Kiosk the display screen and more.
2 - Reserve Space
Optimize office space management by tracking the utilization rate for meeting rooms and collaboration areas and reduces operation cost with right-sizing. Abx Cam utilizes multiple occupancy monitoring technologies to measure the space utilization rate.
3 - Find Your workspace
Discover the secret to effortlessly finding your desk for the day. This solution is your ultimate wayfinding companion, designed to make your work life easier. With just a few clicks, you'll unlock the power to locate your desk in a flash.
4 - QR easy Check in
our innovative check-in solution, designed to revolutionize your arrival experience at any location. We go beyond traditional check-in processes, allowing you to seamlessly activate your personalized experience upon arrival.
5 - Real-time locating system
Collecting occupancy information helps efficiently manage office space by providing valuable insights for managers and transparency for employees regarding workstation and meeting room occupancy.
6 - space planning & integration
The ABM Space Planning application reduces the effort needed to accomplish these goals by integrating key stakeholders' information in a single, central enterprise information model, eliminating manual coordination or searching for scattered data.

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