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Fichet Bauche Safe Storage

Fortify Your Boundaries, Unleash Total Protection!

For over 200 years, Fichet-Bauche has been offering you the guarantee of keeping control over what is most important to you. Our expertise, experience and highly specific know-how make our products the best-performing solutions on the market.


High Protection

Offering the highest levels of burglary resistance.

High Resistance

Provide optimal resistance to fire and explosives.

Efficieny and Capacity

Offering maximum convenience and storage capacity with highest protection levels.

Safe storage products

Fichet Bauche Safe Storage Solutions
"Unleash Maximum Protection with ABM Safe Storages! unmatched expertise and extensive experience make our products the most effective solutions available."
Entrance Control Solutions
Our range of entry control products is designed to create a safe environment and to regulate the traffic in building entrances, including lobbies, stores, entertainment areas, and industrial sites.
Gunnebo Safe Store Auto
Enjoy 24/7 accessibility and top-level security for your valuables with our innovative and secure system.
Perimeter Security Solutions
Designed to secure especially sensitive areas from unauthorised access, our range of perimeter security products offer a solution for every requirement.
Baggage Scanning and Metal Detection Solutions
security screening products & solutions focused on maximizing threat detection & operational success.
Low Current systems
We provide latest security technologies and integrated solutions for private and government sectors for monitoring and protecting against any type of threats.
Checkpoint Antitheft Antennas
Introducing our advanced Checkpoint Antitheft Antennas systems designed to protect retailers' products.
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