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Smart Patrol

ABIOT IoT Solutions For Intrusion Management. Receive Alarms On Any Intrusion, Assign Responders And Multi-Level Escalation To Required Authorities.

1 - Door Protect
ABIoT's Door Protect Is A Wireless Opening Door And Window Detector That Notifies Of First Signs Of Room Intrusion. It Can Be Mounted On All Types Of Doors Including A Metal Base.
2 - Motion Protect
ABIoT Motion Protect Is A Wireless Motion Detector That Notifies The User First Signs Of Intrusion. The Detector Is Fastened To The Wall In Front Of The Doors And Other Places Likely Of Intruder Entry.
3 - Glass Protect
ABIoT GlassProtect Is A Wireless Indoor Glass Break Detector Recognizing The Sound Of Shattering The Glass At A Distance Of Up To 9 Meters. This Solution Uses A Sensitive Electret Microphone To Detect The Sound Of Glass Breaking, Consisting Of A Low-Frequency Hit Sound And High-Frequency Crashing Sound Of Glass Shatters.
4 - Street Siren
ABIoT's Wireless Outdoor Siren Is An Alerting Solution That Notifies Danger With A Sound Volume Of Up To 113 DB Equipped LED Frame and Piezo Electric Buzzer. This Solution Can Communicate To Central Panel Up to 1500M in line of sight.
ABIoT's HomeSiren Is A Wireless Indoor Siren That Loudly Notifies Of An Alarm During Detector Activation. This Solution Furnished With LED And Can Communication Up to 2000 M To Central Panel If There Is No Obstacles.
ABIoT's Wireless Flood Detector Detects First Signs Of Leakage Within Milliseconds. This Solution Helps To Protect From Flood Both In Small Apartments And Commercial Centres/Industrial Complexes. The Device Doesn't Require Installation And Goes Years Without Maintainence.
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