Our business depends on helping your business to achieve more. That’s why ABM provides unmatched support services for wide ranging verticals from Public Sector to Corporate, Banking. Education, Insurance and Health sectors.

Our services range from equipment maintenance and repair, to Advanced Technical Support, to Network Support Services, Managed Print Services which are uniquely capable of meeting all your document technology support requirements.

Comprehensive Support (FSMA)

Remote diagnostics

The state of the art Ebridge Cloud Connect (ECC) can detect and avoid problems before they occur and resolve issues quickly with the advanced capabilities of predictive and proactive maintenance. This service which is available for contracted customers can resolve problems quickly on-line with a timely preventive maintenance and guaranteed use of ABM’s authorized parts and supplies to maximize the productivity and life of your equipment.

On-Site support

The Full-Service Maintenance Agreement (FSMA) will ensure ABM Support to resolve your issue over the phone, or if needed, dispatch an ABM Customer Service Engineer to your site. This assures increased productivity for your business and get a personal attention from a professionally trained, ABM certified Customer Service Engineer.

High uptime and quick response benefit your people by spending less time waiting for support and more time using your equipment.

Software support

Software upgrades, Equipment OS support, MPS application support/upgrades, License activation and Driver Updates are all included in the ABM Service Agreement.

Customer portal

Our customer portal website is designed to give you private and secure access to the services and information you need. Contracted customers get real time access to check, track, monitor and evaluate all the job tickets raised by you. This digital sharing mechanism and information center gives you timely updates on all the engagements related to support.